Behavior Consultations

In-home training

Behavior Consultations are for dog owners that are concerned about a behavior their dog is showing or a behavior that seems to be getting worse. Some common behavior problems that we recommend behavior consultations for are:

  • anxiety surrounding separation, thunderstorm, noise, etc
  • reactivity to other dogs, people, or noises
  • dog-dog issues
  • fearfulness or extreme shyness
  • difficulty in handling such as touching the collar, looking in mouth, touching paws, nail clipping, etc

Our goal is to provide you with a plan and offer guidance to help you get back that quality of life for both your dog and you and create a relationship with your dog that you are happy with.

What can you expect?

Behavior consultations are typically held in and around your home, however there my be times where we visit the studio, a local park, or work on skills in the community (depending on the progress of the behavior). The first session is typically 1.5 hours. The purpose of the initial session is:

  • to gather a complete history of your dog's behavior
  • evaluate your dog
  • discuss a management plan while working to modify the behavior
  • create a behavior modification plan
  • make a recommendation outlining how many sessions it may take to achieve your goal

All future sessions, will run approximately 45 minutes. After the initial session, we'll email a behavior modification plan and make recommendations for how many sessions we should start with. Please note that any behavior modification plan takes time and there's no quick fix. You will be required to work on your dog's behavior on a daily basis.

What does this include?

Behavior consultations include a personalized behavior modification plan for you, continued email support, Spot On Training articles and handouts, and a clicker (if applicable).

How much does it cost?

The initial behavior consultation is $205. Payment is due after you have spoken to a trainer and prior to a confirmed session. All subsequent sessions are $105. Payment is due prior to the session by cash, check, or credit. Discounts are offered for multiple sessions if a package is purchased in full. Please note our packages must be used within a 6 month period from the time of purchase. Check out our available packages:

  • 4 sessions at $400 ($20 savings)
  • 6 sessions at $570 ($60 savings)
  • 8 sessions at $720 ($120 savings)

* The initial behavior consultation is separate from the multi-session training packages.

* Payment for all sessions is due prior to the session by cash, check, or credit.

* Packages must be used within a 6 month period from the time of purchase.

How do you get started?

Get started with behavior consultations by completing our intake form.
Once we find out your location and availability we'll determine which trainer will work with you. You'll receive an email with your trainer's contact information as well as a request to complete a new client form. The new client form collects necessary background information that's helpful for the trainer when it comes to understanding your training goals and developing a plan. This MUST be completed prior to a scheduled session.
Then you can expect to receive a phone call from your trainer to introduce themselves, schedule your behavior consultation, and explain what you can expect for the first session and answer any additional questions you might have.
Lastly, you will receive a follow up email that confirms your session date along with instructions on how to activate your online client file and provide payment for your behavior consultation.
Congratulations, you are now officially a Spot On client and we look forward to working with you to help you meet your training goals!