About Us

Positive based training

Our Philosophy

As the role of the dog has evolved from that of a working species, to one of a beloved family member, we must too think about the evolution of dog training. Gone are the days of training focused on dominance. These ideas are outdated and there's growing scientific data supporting the use of science-based learning principles resulting in much more effective and humane ways to train dogs.

Spot On Training stands for positive based training with evidence based outcomes. For dogs who thrive and are happy and healthy. Our core model focuses on:

  • positive motivation to encourage behaviors (positive is not permissive)
  • training protocols based on science-based learning theory
  • replacing undesirable behaviors with more appropriate responses
  • management for success; eliminate practice of unwanted behaviors
  • a fair leadership strategy
  • clear communication system
  • a wholistic approach where nutrition, exercise, and enrichment compliment training
  • having fun and building a relationship

To train a dog you need motivation, otherwise change in behavior won't happen. Motivation comes in many forms, some trainers use rewards to encourage a dog to continue doing a certain behavior and others use fear, intimidation, and pain - we NEVER use pain, force, intimidation, or fear to train any dog we work with. We believe in using positive motivation to get desired behaviors, setting the dog up for success, and focus on relationship building.

Our Staff

Toni Woods

Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer Certified
CGC Evaluator

Toni has attended graduate school, studying Animal Sciences. She taught high school Biology for 8 years, during which time she volunteered at a local vet and organized a community service group with her students to volunteer at the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL).

While volunteering she learned that behavior problems are the number one reason dogs are euthanized and decided to take action. She became an Animal Behavior College certified trainer to fulfill her passion working with dogs.

Since 2007 she has been working tirelessly to build Anytime K9, her walking, pet sitting and training company, to help educate families and their pets to prevent further loss of life. On September 1, 2016 Toni merged her training company with Spot on Dog Training with the purpose of improving the relationships between dogs and their families. Both Toni and Heather Morris (Spot on Dog Trainings’ Founder) focused their attentions on the community that they work, live, and play in. As development in the Atlas District and Capitol Hill increases and larger brands increase their foot prints, Toni felt that this merger was the best way to continue serving the community and secure her position as one of the market leaders. As such, Toni took over the reigns of Spot On Training, while leaving the cultures and methodologies of both businesses intact. Toni is the proud parent of her chocolate labs, Riley and Sina.

Tania Morgan

CPDT-KA certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

Tania loves her job because she gets to help people develop happier and more fulfilling relationships with their pups. Plus she gets to give lots of ear scratches to her four-legged clients! Tania received her CPDT-KA certification in 2018 after completing the Spot On Training apprentice program.

Kelton Williams

Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer Certified

Kelton Williams is a lifelong dog lover, and is the proud owner of Madison (rescued from a Virginia roadside in 2003), and Waylon Jennings (rescued from an Illinois family about to surrender him to a shelter in 2011). His entry into dog training occurred when he moved to DC in 2013 and started volunteering as a behavioral coordinator with City Dogs Rescue and walking dogs. Leaning into his passion for dogs, Kelton pursued and received his certification from Animal Behavior College.

Kelton's approach to dog training is heavily influenced by his teaching background. He started his professional career in 2006 teaching middle school and high school in Texas. While in Texas, Kelton completed a Ph.D. at Texas A&M in Curriculum & Instruction, and served as an Assistant Professor of Educational Studies at Knox College in Galesburg, IL where he taught aspiring educators. Kelton's experience teaching others naturally translates to the dog training world; Kelton focuses on reactive dogs, introducing dogs to the home, and fostering the vital relationship between dogs and their humans.

Avi Israeli

Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer Certified

Having grown up in a home where dogs outnumbered humans, Avi has always had a natural kinship with our four-legged companions. Inspired by his mentor and Spot On owner, Toni Woods, Avi received his certification from Animal Behavior College in 2012, and has been working to improve the relationships between dogs and their people ever since.

Kevin Wenzel

Office Manager / Digital Content Manager

Kevin manages the website and social media accounts for Spot On Training as well as sending the email newsletters. He first came to us as a client, and then joined the team as Office Manager before taking on additional Digital Content Manager duties. He lives in Cleveland Park with his fiancée and their Pomeranian, Gizmo.